Heavy Duty Passage Latch





Unparalleled strength – the lock prevents access even when subjected to torque loads up to 3,100 in-lbs (2.6x BHMA1), withstands pry bar attacks of 1,600 lbs (8x BHMA requirements),
and withstands 100 hammer blows (20x BHMA requirements1, 2)

Exceptional durability – cycle tested to over 16M cycles (16x BHMA
requirements) with near zero droop or wobble – without the use of set screws or O-rings

Improved feel – improved strength and durability are more than numbers, you can actually feel it in the lock

Improved installation – installation is even easier than before (and without any set screws or O-rings)

Door Handling

The ND lock family can be configured during installation
to support any door handing. As a result, it is not
necessary to specify handing during the ordering process.





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